Accelerator Toolbox Collaboration 






Accelerator Toolbox (AT) is collection of tools to model storage rings and beam transport lines in MatLab.


With AT it is possible to:

- create and manipulate accelerator lattice elements, which are stored in a MatLab structure usually called “THERING”

- track particles through the lattice, selecting the more convenient integrator to represent the element physics

- compute accelerator parameters and beam properties, generating new scripts or taking advantage of the existing ones


Examples of things AT enables to do are: to create a lattice structure that links to the integrators, and then to track through the lattice including non-linear elements, analyze the non-linear motion, change settings to affect parameters, compute equilibrium beam sizes with radiation, etc.


The image below shows the plot of Twiss functions obtained through the atplot function.






Because a number of facilities may use MatLab to control the machine, AT can be convenient to be both an online and offline model, to use together with the Matlab Middle Layer.


The AT core was developed at SLAC by Andrei Terebilo page is here.

The original version, called AT1.3, has evolved into a collaboration called “atcollab”, involving people from many research institutes. The latest release is called AT2





G. Campogiani, INFN/Sapienza giovanna.campogiani at, for atcollab