Accelerator Toolbox Collaboration 



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User manuals


Latest release:


·                 AT2 Primer: information about the basic functions and examples

·                 AT Match: specific documentation for the atmatch function

·                 AT2 Guide script: Matlab script corresponding to AT 2.0 primer.


Old release:


·        AT 1.3 Manual (A. Terebilo)



Function tree

·                 Here are the AT functions





Physics Manuals


·                 AT2 Elements: documentation on the physics of the AT passmethods

·                 Quantum diffusion element: documentation on the physical model behind the qdif element

·                 The Dipole Pass Method: note by X. Huang on the AT dipole pass method


Collaboration Meetings

·                 A meeting was held at IPAC on May 17, 2017. 

·                 B. Nash N. Carmignani L. Nadolski W. Rogers Discussion






·        B. Nash, N. Carmignani, L. Farvacque, S.M. Liuzzo, T.P. Perron, P. Raimondi, R. Versteegen, and S.M. White,

"New Functionality for Beam Dynamics in Accelerator Toolbox (AT)", in Proc. 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Richmond, VA, USA, paper MOPWA014, pp. 113-116

·              A. Terebilo, “Accelerator Modeling with MATLAB Accelerator Toolbox”. Particle Accelerators Conference 2001, pg. 3203.






G. Campogiani, INFN/Sapienza giovanna.campogiani at, for atcollab