Accelerator Toolbox Collaboration 




How to download the latest release


Open a command window and type

$ svn checkout <yourdesideredpath>/atcollab


If you want to browse the code before installing it, go here.


Installation walkthrough


1.   Open MatLab (>7.0)

2.   Add atcollab to your MatLab path, typing in the MatLab panel:


> atrd = ATROOTDIR;  %where ATROOTDIR is the path to atcollab/trunk

> atcdirs = genpath(atrd);

> addpath([atcdirs]);


3.   Compile all the integrators files, typing in the MatLab panel:


> atmexall


4.   Learn more about each available function by checking the documentation page and/or by typing in the MatLab panel:


> help <functionname>





G. Campogiani, INFN/Sapienza giovanna.campogiani at, for atcollab